myQuickmat All-round intro kit

5,000,000 تومان

  • API (Autoclavable Placement Instrument for Quickmat All-round)   –  2 عدد
  • Quickmat All-round circumferential posterior matrices, premolar – 0.03mm / 5.5mm  – 15 عدد
  • Quickmat All-round circumferential posterior matrices, molar – 0.03mm / 6.3mm  – 15 عدد
  • The Wedge interdental wedges – assorted – 45 عدد
  • REF 6850

موجود در انبار


myQuickmat All-round is the circumferential matrix system designed to perform anatomical posterior restorations of teeth with missing structures. The easy-to-use Quickmat All-round matrices enable restorations with naturally contoured anatomies and tight contact surfaces. Thanks to API (Autoclavable Placement Instrument), positioning Quickmat All-round matrices is stable and straightforward. API provides support and prevents the tensioning spool from tilting during matrix tightening. With myQuickmat All-round circumferential matrix system, you can comfortably treat challenging cases in the posterior region, working on an obstacle-free, accessible operating field.



myQuickmat All-round is especially intended for restorations in case of:

molar and premolar Class II’s
missing adjacent tooth
teeth with missing cusps
tooth isolation for core build-up



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