my Ring Classico 2 pcs

2,100,000 تومان

حاوی دوعدد رینگ ، به همراه 4 عدد سری سیلیکونی اضافه ( دو جفت )

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This kit features Polydentia’s myRing Classico, a classic sectional matrix ring made of nickel titanium. It is reinforced to provide an optimal and gentle separation force in combination with the included Interdental Maple Wood Wedges. For the restoration of very extensive cavities, the kit also includes the silicone Delta Tubes and Diamond24. These anatomically shaped silicone tubes ensure optimal matrix retention and adaptation to the tooth’s anatomy. LumiContrast sectional matrices complete the kit’s assortment. These dark-blue matrices significantly increase contrast and reduce glare effect, especially while using loupes or microscopes.


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